Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Year, New Focus

Sorry about the long silence! I thought I'd write a quick post so that people knew I was still around in cyberworld.

I feel as though 2010 was a loss in terms of health. I was so focused on my epilepsy (mis)diagnosis and all the chaos it caused that I let everything else go -- much to my detriment.

This year I have a new focus. Well, maybe it's not a new focus -- perhaps, it's a re-focus. I am aggressively examining each of my symptoms to try to treat them more effectively, and I intend to work on other issues I have put on the back burner. I am also working to modify my diet to be healthier.

So far, however, I've had to spend the beginning of 2011 working on reversing the 2010 damage to my body. The epilepsy medications and high-dose steroids (due to the anaphylaxis in May 2010) did a number on me.

I gained considerable weight from the steroids and for a while had Cushings Syndrome symptoms. Most of those issues (like face swelling, acne, fat pads on neck and back) have decreased with time; however, I still carry excess weight in my stomach area. I look like I'm pregnant, even though I'm not.

I'm too tired to write more, but I will give more details in a future post.

A (Belated) Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! Happy New Year! Happy Valentine's Day!