Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Advocacy Alert: Last Day to Vote for Chase Giving

Help the CFIDS Association and Whittemore Peterson Institute win money from Chase Bank! Today is the last day to vote for your favorite charities. The contest ends in a few hours at 11:59pm Eastern. We are in round two of the contest. All the organizations participating in round two were awarded $25,000 in round one.

What's Happening Now (from the Chase Giving facebook page)
There’s another $2.5 million in donations on the line – and your votes could be the deciding factor! The time is now, so check out the Top 100 charities, explore their Big Ideas, and vote for the ones you think would do something amazing with $500,000.
How To Vote (some instructions from the CFIDS Association email)

First, log into your facebook account. You must have a facebook account to do this.  

Next, "Like" Chase Giving Community ( ). You should see the Like button in the left column.

Then go to (yes, that's the correct web address) and search for "CFIDS Association" and cast your vote by clicking the "Vote" button. (You have to "allow" Chase Giving to access your account info in order for your vote to count. This enables them to keep track of the voting under the "one vote per charity" rule.) Next search for "Whittemore Peterson" and vote.

While you're at it, vote for the The National Marfan Foundation. According to the CFIDS Association, their organization is encouraging its supporters to vote for the CFIDS Association and WPI.

Happy voting!

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