Friday, July 10, 2009

Mini Energy Crash

I finally had a small energy crash yesterday.

Amazingly, it wasn't that bad... in fact, it was almost nothing...considering how much we've been doing in Utah.

Yesterday I slept in until 10am, ate breakfast, lounged around the hotel room (that's when I wrote yesterday's blog entry), ate lunch, rode a ski lift (my first time!), took a four-hour nap, ate dinner, watched a movie on the TV in our hotel room, then went to bed.

Today I slept in until 10:30am, ate breakfast, took a nap, ate lunch, went to visit the Utah Olympic Park in Park City and rode a 100+ meter-long zip line (it was crazy fun!), had a brief rest at the hotel, got an hour-long and very relaxing Swedish massage (my first!), then went to dinner. I'm about to pass out from exhaustion, but I felt the need to write.

I feel like a more severe crash may be coming (my lymph nodes have been feeling funny today...not bad, just a bit strange), but at least I still have the weekend to sleep before I have to go back to work. We're flying back home tomorrow, so I'll get to sleep in my own bed. I'm hoping that by doing absolutely nothing the rest of the weekend, I'll ward off any sort of major crash.

All in all, my first time in Utah has been worthwhile and meaningful. Our trip to Topaz was sobering, the time with my parents who live in another state was special, the vacation time with my husband was lovely, and all the fun activities I was able to do was precious (because my energy levels control my life, and I never know if I'll be able to participate or if I have to be left out of activities).

Thanks, Utah!

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