Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feeling Much Better Now

Thank you to everyone who posted words of support! I'm feeling much better now. Of course, I'm still as tired as ever, but my mood has improved greatly since the weekend.

After this Sunday's day-trip for work passed without a major crash, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I think the anxiety I had about that trip was much more than I realized. I've also been steadily feeling better physically since my return from North Dakota. The viral symptoms (low-grade fever, sore lymph nodes and throat) have pretty much gone.

Work is still extremely busy, but I have started a different way of keeping track of all my projects. In the past, I have kept separate "To Do" lists for myself, depending on the individual project. I would try to write my lists of things to do in order of importance or priority. This took a lot of effort and brain power.

Now I just have one long "To Do" list that I add to whenever I think of anything I need to do, regardless of the project, its order of importance, or priority. It's much easier to not have to prioritize or rank order everything. I started this list on Friday, and it's already made a big difference in how I feel. I've even become more efficient in getting things done!

The fatigue is still a problem. I've been sleeping 9-10 hours a night on weeknights (and more on weekends), but it's not helping (no surprise there). On the upside, I'm feeling better mentally. Without mental strength, everything is 100 times as challenging...including physical healing.

Other thoughts on my mind...

  • I'm still waiting to hear back from Georgetown and University of Illinois at Chicago. I'm starting to feel like I've been dumped. I haven't heard a peep from either research project. I suppose only time will tell if I'll be able to be a part of a research project.

  • I have invited my husband Kenny to write a few blog entries about CFIDS to post on my blog. You'll start to see his posts from time to time in the next week or two.

  • I really need to balance my checkbook.

Today's Activities: work. Today's Most Annoying Symptoms: exhaustion, pounding headache.

Mood (10 is best): 6
Energy (10 is best): 3
Physical Discomfort (10 is worst): 5


Jo said...

Great that you are emerging from the horrible muck of low mood and viral symptoms.

I can relate to the headache. I've had one almost constantly for two weeks. Think it's sinuses and/or tension.

Being more organised would be good for me too. Glad you're feeling better :-)

upnorth said...

I'm glad you're picking up a bit....I hope things slow down a bit now so you can get the rest you need.

cfswarrior said...

I'm glad that things feel like the mood stuff is lifting. It seems so intertwined with this illness.

I hope you get a call from the Georgetown study! That's kind of frustrating.

Great idea to have your husband blog about this illness also. I look forward to reading his posts too.

Wishing for a restful sleep for you-

alyson said...

Thank you for all the great comments!

Lindy said...

Alyson, I sent an email to your address, so check you junk mail so you don't miss it.