Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weekend Trip & Quick Update

I've been super busy preparing to leave town this weekend. Kenny and I are going to visit family in North Dakota for the weekend (a whirlwind trip!), so I haven't had much time to write. I just want to give a quick update on the research opportunities I'm trying to pursue.

I've received the informed consent documents from the Georgetown University CFS study. The next step is a preliminary phone interview. If they're satisfied with what they hear, I'll be invited to Washington, DC for the actual research testing. There is a $400 stipend that comes with the completion of the research study, so this will help with my airfare. I also have family in DC, which is why I'm not worried about heading out there on my own.

I will be out of town for the weekend, and I don't know if I'll have time to get online. I may be too busy spending time with family or napping...

I'm just hoping I don't crash. I've finally started to get back to my normal state of tired (as opposed to extreme exhaustion).

Today's Activities: work & packing for trip. Today's Most Annoying Symptoms: exhaustion, mild headache, asthma attack, diarrhea; active eczema on left and right underarms, and right ankle.

Mood (10 is best): 7
Energy (10 is best): 4
Physical Discomfort (10 is worst): 4

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Jo said...

Good luck with it. Take lots of snacks. :-)