Monday, June 22, 2009

Sick at Home

It's official. I'm sick.

I suppose one could argue that I'm always sick, but today it's acute. Last night I developed a mild fever and terrible headache along with my sore throat.

It really hurts to swallow, and my entire body is achy. Moving takes a lot of effort. I don't have a stuffy nose or any other cold-like symptoms, so I need to get a throat culture for strep. I am prone to strep infections.

I tried to get an appointment with my regular doctor this morning, but she's out sick. Unfortunate coincidence. I then called my allergy and asthma doctor to see if her office did throat cultures. Nope.

I am now trying to find a near-by walk-in clinic that does throat cultures. That's why I'm online. If I didn't have to look for a clinic, I would not have dragged myself upstairs to the computer.

Found a clinic. It's one of those new walk-in clinics attached to a major store (e.g., CVS, HEB, Walgreens, etc.). Here I go!

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Jozephine said...

Ha, so I was right! Remember to take care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon.